Now providing green screen pics EITHER as an add-on to your costume hire (for an extra $10 per person in the picture) – OR –  if you just want to dress up and have a pic with a friend or with the family.  Please call us 8338 2391 – so much cheaper than studio photos & so much more fun!

$40.00 per person includes costuming and 1 x picture – (for up to 3 people)

$130.00 group price for 4 people (includes costuming and 1 x picture)

$150.00 group price for 5 people (includes costuming and 1 x picture)

Extra photos of the same group of people in the same costumes can be taken in a different pose to put with a different background for an extra $45.00 per picture.  The pictures are digital and you can print and distribute as you wish.

Great for invites, Christmas pics, cards, family photo’s.   BUY  A GIFT VOUCHER for someone special – or just come & have some fun!  We provide you with the picture via simple instructions to a drop box link (you don’t need to have drop box!) and you can download the image and have it printed and distribute it as often as you like.

Check these out!  All done in store!


star wars trans

pirate lyn

harry Potter