Face Paint Tutorials


Global face paints are the top choice of professional and beginner face painters as well as cosplayers and those who enjoy the extra theatrical look that face and body paint provides! Global face paints are not your average cheap face paint. Although they are very affordable, they are a top quality professional grade line of face paints.

Global Body Art has a great line of Standard colors, Pearl/Metallic and Neon Dayglo Special FX colors. With Global Colours you can create beautiful face painting effects with their metallic and pearl paint colors and sparkle filled glitter gels. If you are looking for bright neon or UV paint that glows under a black light, these water-based paints will pack a punch. Global Colours are also fragrance free, which makes this a great choice for hypoallergenic face paint.

Global Colours Body Art utilizes a unique formula that is sourced from only the highest quality pigments and additives to assure great consistency and vibrant colors that are easy to apply and just as easy to wash off. The glycerine is synthetic and not palm based, and the formula is paraben free. Global face paints can be removed easily with just soap and water.