Is your next school production knocking at the door? What an exciting event! Finding the right costume is not only quite an overwhelming task but also one of the most time-consuming ones – if you do not know where to get them from. Instead of buying costumes, schools are becoming more and more inclined towards hiring them. This change has come about owing to the fact that hiring costumes has proven to be much more beneficial and economical – and at the end of the day ensuring the production is of West End quality. Read on to find out the top 3 reasons why schools should hire costumes instead of buying them.

hire costumes for school

Choice and Variety

When it comes to buying a costume, the major concern of every buyer is whether or not such an expensive investment will come of use again. As a result, people tend to buy “stock standard” costumes that can be worn time and again. But this means, you are not buying costumes that suit your production or theme – but rather items that can be manipulated – which is never as good as the real thing! For this reason, hiring costumes is a better option. If you spend too much money on buying a costume, you will definitely want it to be something that you can wear again – which isn’t always the case. If you hire the costume, you can go for variety and opt for the whole, “real deal” – meaning your character will appear authentic and the most believable.

No Storage Problem

If you are someone who loves to participate in all things DRAMA –  then buying costumes will only lead to an accumulation of those outfits in your house. So while they were perfect for the rune – they are now sitting in a dark cupboard, collecting dust. If you hire your costume and all the things that go with it, you can wear it during the course of your play and you can return them once it’s done. Hoarding the costumes, as exciting as that may be at the start, means your studio will not have enough space to accommodate them all – and we all know how heartbreaking it is to have to through costumes out. By hiring costumes, you can choose the ones you need depending on your role. Choosing a reputed costume retailer will solve all your storage problems and once you are done with the costumes, you can pack them up and send them back until you need them again.


Ask any Dram or Music teacher – directing/designing a play is a costly affair and so are the costumes and set. There is lighting, venue booking, sound equipment and even props. But when it comes to costumes, you need not spend too much on them if you decide to hire them instead of buying. Hiring the key resources will help every member of the cast look and feel as though they are a part of the word of the production. And it is of course this sense of being a part of the production that warrants the greatest reward.

3 reasons why you should hire costumes for your next school production

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