Costume Accessories

Lots of costume accessories available in store – (or buy through our online shop now!):

Costuming is great fun – but it’s all in the detail!! 

We have a huge range of instore costume accessories including props, jewellery, Kids Masks, Stockings, Moustaches, fancy glasses, Wigs, Gloves, stage blood, 1920’s feather headwear, 1920 cigarette  holders, braces, ties, tattoo sleeves….

cosutme accessories


It’s all about accessories. Accessories can create a different world in your eyes. You can wear the simplest clothes, but you can create such a different look simply by adding a pair of gloves, some coloured beads or even a moustache! All you need is a little planning and a bit of creativity. Search for some characters on google and see what you need. To get your look or character “just right” can sometimes mean adding the most simplest of accessory.

Add an eye patch and a scarf to an old pair of rolled up jeans and your a pirate, add some beads to a simple straight dress to help transition to a 1920’s flapper dress, or add some aviator glasses or a wig to complete the look you’re going for!  Wigs can be an amazing easy way to change your look dramatically for low cost.  Add a brightly coloured wig and a zanny pair of glasses, some huge earings or a hat – and you’ve already got a whole new you going on!

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