Dance tutorials which may assist

Check out the dance tutorials below for some help with doing hair buns, putting ribbons on shoes & stage makeup.  Dance parents invest a lot of time, money & energy to helping their children’s dance progress through the various stages. Hours of driving to studios, maybe some super early mornings to get to competitions, not mention the costs of lessons and outfits. Parents are the unsung heroes juggling work, school and other commitments – so hopefully these little tutorials can help take a bit of pressure off!

dance tutorials

How to do a ballet bun:

How to sew on Ballet Ribbons:

How to tie Ballet Ribbons:

Applying stage makeup:


Costumes and makeup play an important role in the drama, character creation, visual aesthetic and even practical elements in a production. Beyond setting and character, costumes and makeup play an important role in visibility and aesthetic. Makeup is necessary for ensuring that the features of an actor’s face are easy to see and don’t get “washed out” by the bright stage lights. Costumes perform a similar function, since a skilled costume designer will avoid colors and designs that are too pale or intricate to be distinguished by the audience.

Let us know on our Facebook page if you like these dance tutorials and if you would like to see more!  Everybody is new to dance at some point and needs a helping hand – dance mum’s & dad’s have a big learning curve!


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