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Fiesta Stockings and Legwear

Fiesta Legwear are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of quality legwear for all types of dance. Fiesta were founded in 1985 and have remained an Australian owned company, with a focus on providing fashionable legwear that will enhance every dancer’s experience. Fiesta stockings and legwear strives to provide the very best legwear, offering exceptional quality and value for money.

The company was founded on the original Gloss/Shimmer tight, which quickly became the dominant brand in the country. To this day, it remains the number one choice throughout it’s extensive styles for all types of dance, stage and physical legwear.

The origins of tights is that ballet originated in Europe, where the winters are cold and warm clothes were necessary. Which leads to the question: in Australia, is the wearing of tights practical or just a holdover from a distant cold climate history?

In fact, there is a wide range of practical and sensible reasons to pull on your tights – even in Australia – even in summer.

In classical ballet, it is the norm in classical ballet for females to wear pale pink tights and males to wear light or dark coloured tights in a solid colour. There are some aesthetic reasons for this. For performances the corps de ballet need to be uniform in appearance and for the form and musculature of the dancer to be observed from the audience. Light tights also help the dancer’s form to be visible against coloured sets and the stage floor itself, which is usually black in colour. Under stage lighting, light coloured tights also help to define the dancers’ legs and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the movement.


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