The All Australian Acrylic Paint. Global face paint and body paints are the top choice of professional and beginner face painters as well as cosplayers and those who enjoy the extra theatrical look that face and body paint provides!  State of the art formulae, strong pigmentation and distinctive packaging ensure the growing popularity of Global Bodya Art paints in highly competitive domestic and international markets. Global Products have reduced toxicity and minimal impact on the environment.

Global body art and face paint is very affordable, top quality professional grade line of body paints.  Global Body Art has a great line of Standard colors, Pearl/Metallic and Neon Dayglo Special FX colors. With Global Colours you can create beautiful face painting effects with their metallic and pearl paint colors and sparkle filled glitter gels.  These paints are non-toxic and no preparation is needed for the skin.  However a light barrier or sorbolene cream can be used if desired. Simply apply with a brush, fingers or a sponge. BodyArt dries quickly and stays on for hours. Extended use and/or heavy perspiration may require reapplication. To avoid smudging when over painting and mixing colours, wait until first colour is touch dry before applying next colour – check out our tutorials here

Global Body Paint – Neon GLOW!Global Body Art

If you are looking for bright neon or UV paint that glows under a black light, these water-based paints will pack a punch. Global Colours are also fragrance free, and hypoallergenic.

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