Are you ready for Book Week? The best way to celebrate it would be to dress up as your favorite character from your very favorite book. Children, regardless of age, have always been entranced and inspired by age-old fairy tales and the iconic children’s fiction characters of Roald Dahl and J.K. Rowling – and every kid has his/her own favourite. Some favourite children’s books include Cat in the Hat, Winnie-the -Pooh, The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe, & Matilda.  If you are out of ideas for your child’s next Book Week  – here are some of our top ideas for book week dress up.

Top Idea for book week

Willy Wonka

The 1964 children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl is one of the most famous stories and Willy Wonka is the quirky dream of dress up days. A purple velveteen jacket with a yellow waistcoat and green trousers is the signature look, while a cap and a cane will certainly go a long way. The look is very easy to put together and any costume retailer will be able to provide you with the required items –and on top of that Johnny Depp’s version is great starting block for helping you bring the character to life.

Harry Potter

Is your child a Potterhead? Then there is no doubt that a Hogwarts uniform will be ideal for helping him/her celebrate the World Book Day. You can choose Quidditch costumes or the very popular – Hogwart robes. If you are dressing your child as Harry then you will also need a pair of round glasses and draw a scar on your child’s forehead that would resemble a bolt of lightning. And voila! Your child is all ready for the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Alice in Wonderland

Another of the most popular choices among children are the characters of Alice in Wonderland. Whether you want to be the Mad Hatter or Alice herself, there are countless options of costumes to choose from. Take a tumble down the rabbit hole this Book Week (and indeed World Book Day!) If your child is dressing up as Alice, don’t forget to give her a bow headband, and if they prefer the likes of the White a pocket watch is a must!

Little Red Riding Hood

This tale has always been a very popular theme for many a Book Week and variations of the characters are endless. Children could choose to dress up as Granny, the wolf or even Little Red herself. Don’t forget the red cape! Give her a basket of goodies to make her look exactly as it was described in the book.

Peter Pan

A classic Peter Pan costume is not only colorful but also a favorite among kids. A jagged V-neck top along with matching green trousers is all you need. And obviously, do not forget the pointed hat! You should also add a belt to complement the look.

There is no end to the characters that your child can dress up and many movie variations can help with the added props for authenticity! Book Week and World Book Day is all about celebrating the characters that form a crucial part of everyone’s childhood and with the right idea and costume retailer, putting these outfits together can be a super easy task.

Ideas for book week

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