Green Screens are basically an invention that allows you to create an all-new world. Green screens, which can also be blue screens, are essentially backdrops that are used in Chroma Key Photography. Chroma Key Photography is a procedure through which a solid-colored background, strategically placed behind the primary subject of the photograph is removed and replaced with a new photo or video or background – and so the term Green Screen pics is used.

What are Green Screen pics?

In today’s technological world, a little (or a lot) fantasy is needed to impress people, hence why compositors and visual effects artists work hard to create majestic backgrounds. These unbelievable worlds have the ability to mesmerize audiences and afford viewers the opportunity to suspend their disbelief. Green Screen Pics are becoming more and more popular through the introduction of digital filmmaking. Using Green Screen Pictures is an exciting way to transform your world or dress – up costume – Here is why:

  • Bring an all-new world into existence – Using an in – studio green screen will quite literally transport you to any location you choose and make it appear as though you are really there and engaging with the space around you. In addition to location shots – a green screen allows photographers and film makers the opportunity to make their subject – you –  look like you are flying, fighting an imaginary villain or monster, sit on top of the world or the empire state building for that matter. You can do anything you want. Create a better world –  whenever you want, without going anywhere.


  • Simple gear, outstanding results – If you’re into photography, then you would already have a digital camera. And, to photograph through a digital screen, all you need is a digital camera and the computer or laptop where you would complete your editing. In order to create an effective makeshift green you can either go with a fabric backdrop or higher quality backdrop; you just have to decide how realistic you want your final picture to look. Having a green screen available at a dress-up picture will allow your guests to leave the event with a unique memento if their time in a particular world. Green screens photographs are an original way to remember an event or a “transportation” to another world or even bringing a dream to life.


  • If you’re into editing, then Green Screen photography is a dream –When you edit white backgrounds, it’s challenging as well as time consuming to remove wrinkles and other smudges on final products. Green screens, however, allow for this process to occur relatively easily and without the mess and fuss! The final edit and subsequent final product will therefore almost always be a clear and believable representations of an extra-ordinary world. A moment of fantasy brought to life and forever immortalized! These moments are an ideal gift or memory of a moment no one would want to forget!

Green Screen pics

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