No one would dare argue that when it comes to having a good time – themed dress-up or costume parties are becoming increasingly popular. Deciding on and executing a theme to be remembered takes time, space, resources, and an invested crowded who are ready to rock the party. Let’s narrow down why these essential “escape from reality” events always seem to be the parties people have the best kind of fun at!

Dress up parties are the best

  • A blend of all the parties – Out of all the types of parties, be it a surprise party, cocktail party, or birthday party – dress-up parties are always the best! As multi – functional events – themed parties can serve as any type of event and everyone – regardless of what they say – loves to tap in to their creative wardrobe and pretend to be someone else for an evening. Selecting a theme and affording your guests the opportunity to embrace their hidden persona’s is truly a timeless gift – and regardless of what it is your celebrating – will ensure an event to remember.


  • Escape Reality and be whatever you want! – On a superficial level – Costume parties are often seen purely about dressing up; but they also act an opportunity to accept the whole personality of the character you choose to become. Dress-up parties allows you to become anyone or anything –  a doctor, dancer, magician, actor/actress, prince/princess, fairy, or your favourite superhero. There is no limitation for the character you want to become; the options are endless. Over and above this idea – becoming your character allows you to tap into different facets of your personality and escape your reality – regardless of your age – even if just for the night!


  • Be Creative! – If you are throwing dress-up party, then you are not just playing with characters, but also with the creating a world that embraces your theme. Let your ideas and creativity flourish – push the boundaries and build a space or universe where any of the characters who arrive can exist. If you want to turn your personal space into a galaxy far far way –  just do it! Turn your party space into a supernatural world or that of your favourite fairytale. Allow your friends to enter the world of heroes and villains to attend your party and escape the mundane routine we often experience in our everyday lives! Dress- up parties are the opportunity for us to suspend our disbelief and be wherever and whatever we want.


  • Have fun with a good mix of people – There is something wonderfully exciting about becoming someone different. In today’s day and age – many people struggle to simply complete their everyday tasks – never mind communicate with friends or even meet new people. Dress-up parties’ act as the ideal platform to meet and chat to a whole host of people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet or talk to. There is something unbelievably relaxing to assume the façade of a different persona and dressing up often allows  us to find a new type of confidence that allows us to feel more comfortable – ironically – in our own skin.

Dress up parties

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